My experience at OLIve course: Sonia Quintero

This is the second OLIve course I have had the pleasure to support by offering poetry workshops. Poetry has been my passion since my early years, and in my country Colombia I had the opportunity to publish four of my books.

However when I came to London, 12 years ago, I went on a difficult journey trying to fix myself into an unknown new city. A city, four times bigger that mine in Colombia, a new language and of course a new job.

I spent the first five years trying to be part of here, until I decided that I didn’t want to try anymore. One day I woke up and realised how I had left behind my passions and myself in this journey of “trying”.

This is how my poetry journey starts again. Beginning by running a poetry session at Stratford Library with only one, sometimes two people around the table. After a while and without really knowing how, I was sharing poems with more than twenty people.

New opportunities came to my life, including one to do an undergraduate course at UEL. At the moment I am a second year student of Psychosocial Theory and Practice.

Being a student at UEL has opened many doors to me and also put me in contact with OLIve project. I felt in love with the idea of offering something similar to what I do in the libraries, to a group of people who are on a similar journey to mine a few year ago.

I have been holding poetry session and having the honour to listen to amazing pieces of art that come from the heart, narratives, stories that move me and inspire me to continue offering something so precious for me and for anyone that feels the need of being heard, being deeply understand and expressing who they are through words.

Poetry (and art) is not just a romantic collection of heartbreakers and broken hearts.

Poetry is a huge and beautiful “Trojan horse” in society.

An intruder who quietly sneaks into our unconscious and tells us what that we refuse to listen to.

For me, poetry goes beyond a contemplative and evocative world, for me the creative process is a boiling world.

Like that Trojan horse, poetry is the soul, the inner life that hides in a beautiful and apparently inanimate being, but that brings with it the victory of a dreamed world.

I hope I have been able to bring this vision of poetry as the Trojan horse that can help us to invaded our cities with critical thinkers, creators, healers, and rebels, who will build a new form of communication, rooted in the ancient power of words.



I see poets where others see numbers

I see pens and paper where others see chaos

I see you and then I loved you

Because I see the light of the humming bird whispering a sonnet that only you could hear.

I see privilege creators where others see losers

I see eternal souls where other see shadows and bodies

I see hands, magic hands transforming a paper in a piece of art.

I see your hands like birds in the desert, flying to find out what others cannot imagine.

I see poets..

Sonia Quintero: Psycho-Social Theory and Practice Student 

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